How To Build Sexual Tension For An Explosive Online Fling!

fling sites

“Build up the excitement”

There are a variety of fling sites out there which allow you to meet people for casual encounters. To ensure that the relationship formed does not become mundane and boring, there are certain things that you can do both online and when you meet in person to build the sexual tension between you before you actually have sex. By heightening your desire for each other, you will be making the fling explosive and much more fun.

Tease him online and in person

Flirt heavily

“Guys like to get teased by girls – Go ahead give it a Try!”

To establish a sizzling fling that makes you both wanting more, the tension needs to start building online. So give him hints about what you want to do with him without actually getting filthy. This can include saying things like “I just got out of the shower, I’m soaking wet.” This is going to make him imagine that you were naked in the shower and his imagination is bound to run wild. Let him know that you have plenty of options in terms of potential lovers but that he is definitely one of them. Send him pictures of yourself nonchalantly in hot outfits, maybe swimwear but not naked. If you give him the material he needs to get off, it will not be as exciting for both of you when you get the chance to meet up. So take the time to get to know him because that is when the sexual tension will naturally build between you both. Flirt heavily without giving too much away about yourself and what you want to do with him.

Get to know what he likes

online game

“Learn more about him and use it to excite him more”

All men have different fantasies and different things that they are into. So get to know what pushes his buttons so that you can learn what to say to make him hot and ready to go. Most Men on the top fling websites, mentioned at use dating sites for quick flings. They like to chat with women online and love to share their secret fantasies on chat. As you chat with him online, you’ll find out why it is important to get to know him a little before jumping into bed. You could even play a little online game that involves discussing sexual experiences. Knowing what each other likes in bed will make you eager to fulfill each other’s wishes. After a short time of chatting, you can’t go wrong with some mild cyber sex to get him prepared for the real thing.

Don’t be too available or he will get bored

If you are online whenever he is and always strike up a conversation, he is going to get bored of chatting with you. So make out like you have plans even if you don’t, it is good for him to know that you have your own life and are not sitting around waiting for him. Even though you have met him on fling sites, you should not treat the situation any different than if you originally met in person. Keep him at arm’s length, men love what they think they can’t have and not talking to each other all the time will make the sexual tension unbearable when you do eventually chat. Don’t agree to a date right away but don’t lead him on and keep refusing his advantages or he is going to get bored and move on to someone else. It’s important to find the right balance between chilled out and just plain rude.

Have plenty of dates to take things up a notch

Go on a couple of dates with the guy that you have been talking to but don’t give him sex at the end of it. Lots of subtle flirting during the date will build the sexual tension between you. Nothing works quite as well as eye contact, your eyes can speak a thousand words – just with one look, he can know exactly what a person is thinking so give him your come to bed eyes and make him melt. As the drinks start to flow, you can become a little more obvious in your flirting by perhaps running your foot up his leg and licking your lips. If the chemistry is not there between you as you would have liked then don’t force it and just move on. Some people are just not compatible whether emotionally or physically. If the date does go well however and you are struggling to keep your hands off him, then it is fine to get a little tactile. A passionate kiss is OK after a first date if all has gone well and maybe some light fondling too. If you met on fling sites, it is fairly obvious what you both want so don’t keep him waiting for too long. The third date should be the longest amount of time to wait until you give him sex and with all the tension leading up to that point, it is guaranteed to be explosive. If you feel that the time is right before that third date then just go with your gut instinct.

It’s time to get down to business

plenty of foreplay

“After everything’s said and done- Get down to business”

When you are ready to have sex with him, make sure that it is sizzling hot by being prepared and deciding what the right way to go about it is best. If the sexual tension has been building so much that you can barely stand it, when you go through the door in privacy – you might want to just push him against the wall and have him there and then. This will be steamy and passionate and is sure to turn him on. If you want to continue to tease him even when you start to get intimate then make sure that you incorporate plenty of foreplay into your initial encounter. Massages and sensual dance is guaranteed to get him worked up and ready for what is about to happen. What should follow is sex that blows both your minds and releases the tension that has been building. It can be difficult to keep the initial desire after the first time that you get close but just try to keep everything fun and flirty and you can’t really go wrong.


Fling sites are great for finding men to have potential fun, but the build up can be just as much of a turn on as the actual sex. If you know how to work him right, then you will be the only one he really desires. Flirting and teasing online and during dates can make the fling so much more sizzling than if you was to just meet up and have sex within a day or two of chatting. It will also make you understand what each other likes more in the bedroom and it has the potential for things to last longer between the two of you, it could even develop into a relationship if that is what you are after. It can be harder to keep the heat there after the first initial encounters, just remember to keep everything as lighthearted as possible and not like a relationship at all. Some people grow closer and have passion filled relationships for years to come, it can happen! If it doesn’t then move on and get looking at them flying sites for more potential lovers. There is a lot of men out there, so explore what’s around you and have fun by starting up a steamy sexual fling with a hot stranger.

Buyer’s beware! Watch Out For These Scams That Show A Hookup Site Isn’t Legit

“Don’t get scammed, go for legit sites only”

“Don’t get scammed, go for legit sites only”

The chances of finding the perfect date online are enormous, with more than 1,500 online dating sites. But be careful, the large number of online dating sites also presents a great number of pitfalls to those seeking love and romance. With the excitement and the eagerness to meet your prince charming or the beautiful princess, you may throw caution to the winds and find yourself in very unpleasant situations. One example is about the dating website named If you read the ihookup review shown here, you can clearly see that is a scam and not a legit dating site. But how do you go about knowing which REVIEW is or real and which is not? Before you start looking for online dates, it is important to understand that scammers are out there, and that they use your cravings for love to lure you into a game that can be very costly, even deadly. You want to make sure that you’re on a legit hookup site before you start creating your profile. Most sex predators, criminals and scammers who navigate the same internet world you navigate know exactly what you’re looking for, and they’re experts in lying and scheming, and will get you off your feet even before you realize that you’re duped. Below are some things you can do and some that will let you detect scam dating sites.

Avoid People who are Very Beautiful but So Far

Avoiding love business with people who live miles and miles away is very important. When you stay local, you reduce the odds of getting scammed as scammers will always prefer to target victims who’re far from their locality. They do not want to be caught. If you’re in Europe, and the person messaging you is from Africa, then you should not even think about answering back. They can be as beautiful as heaven, and as lovely as the stars, but you can be sure that they are not real. Naturally, serious people would want to hook up with those they can meet easily. You should doubt that someone from another country will travel all that way, ignoring other men, even men who are better than you, just to get too serious with you.

Use Search Engines: An Easy Shortcut to Facts

“All the search engines all at your service”

“All the search engines all at your service”

You may want to enter the name of the website you want to join in search engines like Yahoo and Google. You’ll be able to find out what other users are saying about the website. People who’ve been scammed will talk about it on the forums and website reviews. Look for these reviews. Other users can help you detect scams faster than you’d do if you try it on your own. Check the reviews of scam detection websites and find out what they say about the hookup site you’re about to join.

Scammers Ask Too Much, but Reveal Very Little

“Ask questions and let them answer”

“Ask questions and let them answer”

Statistics show that one-third of men on dating websites are married men. If they’re not married, they’re criminals who will not reveal much about themselves, their family, or their upbringing. They want every bit of information about you, but when you ask serious questions, they downplay them. They will want your phone number, but they won’t give you theirs. They’ll call you at odd hours, but won’t take calls anytime you want to talk to them. Married people will talk to you at their convenience because they have things they’re hiding from their spouses and families. When you notice such hesitation in coming out, you should quit. Here is the rule of thumb: Never give out information about yourself until you meet the person face-a-face, and develop a good level of trust. It’s also very important that you do not use your email when you sign up on dating sites. Create a fictitious email with a new name that reveals nothing about you. Remember that some scammers will use your email to trace your IP address and steal information from you. You should only give a cell phone number if you must. Your home phone can give you away to people with evil intent. If you have to call, you can use your cellular number or you can call from a payphone. There are many of them now.

Trust Your Guts: They Hardly Lie

“Trust your instincts and spot the scams”

“Trust your instincts and spot the scams”

Unlike in face-to-face dating, online dating can have a lot of hidden pitfalls, because you cannot verify everything. People hide behind the computer to lie to you. But you can detect most of these lies. When you start feeling that you’ve met a really wonderful person, it’s time to dig deeper. The person tells you he or she is an engineer, but his course in college has nothing to do with engineering. He or she tells you they live in a city, but they can’t identify any of the major landmarks in that city. Your date responds faster than you expect, you should wonder if you’re talking with a robot. The first discrepancy, lack of logic, and consistency should be a signal that something is wrong. You may also want to check out for scripted messages. Some scammers will tell you they are heirs to large estates or inheritors of great fortunes. Whether they are asking or promising a favor, something must be wrong. Cut them out from your list and block them completely. Your guts might not be always accurate, but you’ll lose nothing by not taking chances.

The Online Dating Shakedown Is Very Common

At this point you already know that scammers will ask you favors at one point. This often happens with women (or men pretending to be women) charm you with wonderful talks, make you feel that they’re real, and establish a level of trust. When they feel that you’re comfortable, they’ll start suggesting a visit. They’ll make things look so sure you’ll start believing and as eager as you are to meet this wonderful person, you’re ready for anything thing. They’ll ask you for a favor; it could be lending them some fraction of their fare, or paying part of the trip for them. You can even go to the length of using your credit card or borrowing money. But you hardly sense that once they get the money, you’ll never hear from them again. You’ll also find scammers who hire beautiful girls to make money for them using sex videos. They’ll ask you to click a link to subscribe to a free live sex video. You’ll be screwed as they’ll simply get your credit card, their share of your money, and leave you in your deception.

There are many legit hookup sites out there and you can find them. Whether they’re free or not, you can know that you’re dealing with scam if you identify any of the points mentioned above. Identifying these scams is very important, but it’s more important to know how to protect your life. Even if you do not find these signs, you should still be wary. Con artists, sex predators, and scammers know the things you’ll be looking for, and they’ll know how to play around your intelligence. One important thing is to make it a point never to give out information to strangers. Whether you talk with them daily on dating sites, you do not know them. You only can claim to know people you’ve met personally. And when it comes to meeting your date, always offer to drive yourself to the meeting point. Offer to share bills when you eat and drink. It is important never to let him or her feel that they expect something from you.

4 Reasons To Love Your New Android Phone

There are a number of reasons to love your new Android phone. It is smart, comes packed with an interactive OS and definitely ups the cool factor to a large extent. However, there are four main features of the phone that make it a wonderful pick for any gadget lover. These are:

Android phones

Google is big on people utilizing the open source software to create and distribute their own apps.


It’s a sturdy phone!

Android phones, especially those built by Google, HTC and Samsung have a wonderful construction that make them far less vulnerable than other smart phones. They can take a tossing inside jeans and handbags, without protective casing. The phones are made in a way so that they are easier to grip and made from durable materials, so that they do not suffer from excessive amounts of wear and tear. One of the top reasons to love your new Android phone!

It’s linked to Google!

The OS on an android allows it to link up to the users Google account and use it to sync the phone as per the need. There are a large number of customers who are quite dependent on their Google account, because of Gmail, Youtube, Google Docs, Blogger, Calender and Picasa. By being able to work all these accounts into one phone, the integration makes users feel at ease. The fact that all of the phone data can be backed up to a Gmail account only makes using the phone a lot more fun. And the best part is, the sync comes as a major feature and not at an added cost.

Battery Life can be good!

There are plenty of users who complain about the battery life on an Android device. However, these are the people who would finish off the battery in a stable Nokia or Motorola phone far too quickly. The battery life can be easily conserved by stopping the apps functioning in the background, switching of GPS and Wi-Fi unless needed, reducing the brightness of the screen and turning off internet access on the phone till required. These measures will make your phone run fit and fast and is part of the reasons to love your new Android phone.


Google is big on people utilizing the open source software to create and distribute their own apps. What it means is that developers can start making niche apps for different demographics. The Android Marketplace is full of many different kinds of apps and this is big reason for why users are drawn towards the OS. Being able to multitask with these apps is big on the list of reasons to love your new Android phone.

Preventing In-laws From Ruining Your Relationship!

Fuck The In laws!

Fuck The In laws!

Some people will accept that their in-laws are going to cause problems in their lives and do not do anything about it. This is a big mistake according to Dr Jonas Laforge MD (website here) For some there is going to be the need to sort out the problems and if there are children involved it is important that they are not caught up in the argument and disagreement.

Some in-laws cannot accept that the child has flown the nest and is living their own life so they act as if they are there a lot of the time. Asking for them to come and carry out the most basic of repairs or do a job that they are really not needed for. If this is a weekly event it may be an idea to suggest a time maybe every fortnight when all of you go round. It will show that you are united with your partner and if they are going to be visiting then so are you. Other than real emergencies there is no need to go running the minute they call.

Research has shown that the majority of the times the tension between the generations is between the mother in law and daughter in law. As there are about 60% of marriages affected it is not a thing that you need to worry that you are going through alone. It could be that the mother feels she is going to lose her son if he is not there all the time, so if you can convince her that she is still important to the family it may lead to her backing down a bit.

If you marry early it may be a bit difficult to assert yourself and at this stage the in-laws can sense weakness and try to set the ground rules themselves. The longer you give them control the harder it will be to take it back and if they still feel in control once you have your own children it could be that they try to interfere here as well.

Just because you miss the opportunity early in life it does not mean that you cannot try again later. The older you are the more life experience you will have so the less chance there is that the in-laws can accuse you of being too young to understand life. The one thing that you should always remember is not to involve your children. They need to have contact with grandparents and don’t need to grow up thinking that there has to be hard feelings with the in-laws.

iOS6: The 3 Features Not Many People Know About

iOS 6 is an iOS mobile operating system that was released by Apple last September 12 and if you have the latest versions of iPhones , iPads or iPod touches, then you’d probably be familiar with this newest operating system. With every release of new operating system, Apple would always come up with plenty of new features and some of these features are not well publicized. There are new features that come with iOS 6 and this article will reveal 3 features that not so many people know about.

  • Late Night Listening. Do you like listening to music when you’re about to sleep but you just don’t want the music to be loud and you’d rather want the sound to be soft and mellow? With the iOS6 , Apple had added a new setting where it can compress the dynamic range of the audio output. Late night listening is an added equalizer setting that reduces the volume of loud sounds. This setting is perfect when you’re going to bed or when you’re in a noisy environment.

So how do you enable the Late Night Listening? Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings Application

  2. Scroll down

  3. Tap the music Option

  4. Tap on EQ

  5. Scroll down

  6. Tap on the Late Night and select

    iOS 6 review: mobile operating system

    iOS 6 review: mobile operating system

This feature applies to all audio output and it’s not available for iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPOD touch 4G users.

  • Notification Setttings. With the iOS6, notifications settings are better refined and there are features that allow users to limit their notifications. Users can now have an option in silencing alerts from unknown phone numbers or unknown contacts. With iOS6, you won’t be bothered anymore with people or messages that are not worth your time – like spam messages. You can choose to only receive messages from your contacts by following these steps:

  1. Launch Settings

  2. Tap on Notifications

  3. Scroll Down

  4. Tap the messages under In Notification Center

  5. Scroll Down

  6. Tap the Contacts Only option

     An iOS upgrade - iOS 6.0.1 - for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch

    An iOS upgrade – iOS 6.0.1 – for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch

What a great way to get privacy from unknown contacts!

  • Customized Settings for Mails. With the iOS 6, you can now have more control over your different e-mail accounts. The Mail application in the iOS 6 has indeed come up with new features. Here are the latest features:

1. VIP List. In iOS 6, you will no longer miss important emails from the Very Important Persons ( VIP ) in your life . iCloud has enabled a separate VIP mailbox that allows you to access email from the VIPs.

So here’s how you create a VIP List:

  1. Tap on VIP under mailboxes

  2. Tap on the option to Add VIP

  3. Select the contacts for the VIP List

With this setting, you can also customize the notifications and alert tones under the VIP list. To customize:

  1. Launch the Mail application

  2. Tap on VIP

  3. Tap on VIP alerts option

2. Customized Notifications per Email Account. With the new iOS 6, users can also customize the notifications for all their email accounts. This is a very helpful feature for people who have multiple email accounts.

Here are the steps on how to customize the notifications for each email account:

  1. Launch the settings application

  2. Tap on the notifications

  3. Tap on Mail and the intended email account

  4. Set Custom Notifications

Here are hidden features that you can try on the iOS 6. Have fun and enjoy your gadget!

Gifts: 3 Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Love

Using your inner creativity just to make sure that your girlfriend will love your gift is enough reason to drain the brain (and the wallet). This is something that not all men are gifted with (no pun intended), because, admit it or not, a lot of you think you have better things to do—and shopping is not one of them. To say the least, you would rather spend as little time as possible in the mall, pick out the first thing you see at the women’s section, and be on your way. But for your lady love, there is nothing better than finding out you actually took your time in choosing what gift they would love. So here’s a tip: Do your research. Find out what would suit their personality best. Which probably means you have to dig a little bit deeper than knowing what their favorite color is (although that’s a good start)?

But just in case you are still at a total loss of ideas on what to give them, here are three great ideas which are guaranteed not to be a hit and miss.


This might sound a little bit of a cliché, and you might even think that your girlfriend isn’t the type that likes to wear jewelry. But women will never run out of reasons to celebrate something, and your gift can be that one special thing they can wear for that occasion. Which is why, you need to make sure that this gift will count. Nothing cheap of that sort. If you need to save up, then do it. If it’s for the woman you love, you’ll know it’s worth it.


Nothing to make your girl feel sexier than lingerie wrapped up in a gorgeous, sexy box. It’s seductive, it’s wild, and it can earn you steamy nights in the bedroom. Just one tip though; make sure you take the time to know her exact size. You don’t want to give a corset three sizes too small—or too big. Make sure that she’s comfortable in it. Remember, comfortable can mean confident, too.

Guys can make your Girlfriend  feel sexier

Guys can make your Girlfriend feel sexier


If you think about it, these are all ideas which have all probably crossed your mind. So hurray for that! But flowers? Doesn’t it seem a little overrated?

Unless you give your girlfriend flowers three times a week, its novelty will probably wear out by then. But if you rarely get to do it, make a splash! Give her a bouquet of every color imaginable. Or give her something simple yet explosive—a dozen, maybe two, of roses. White, red, pink, it’s up to you. You are guaranteed to make her fall in love all over again.

 You give your girlfriend flowers

You give your girlfriend flowers

There you go, gentlemen. Just a few ideas you can mull over to set you to the right direction. And what’s even better, you can’t go wrong with these!

How To Be The Best You Can Be Everyday

In this life, we are all striving for the best. Every day is a challenge of the strongest, the wisest and the fittest. How do we cope in this extremely competitive world? The answer is simple – be the best you can be every day and here are tips how.

  1. Quit comparing yourself with others –If it is your hobby to compare yourself with others, then it will be very difficult for you to perform your best. You will be stuck under other people’s shadow- stagnant. Learn to accept the fact that we are uniquely different from each other –each having their own set of skill, capabilities and even failures. Know what your strengths are and focus on them instead of magnifying your weakness and comparing it with other people’s strengths.

  2. Love what you do – It is not merely doing what you love that can bring out the best in you, but it is loving what you do. You may not totally have the passion in what you are currently doing, chores for example, but by learning to love it, you produce a great output.

  3. Think positive – Stop thinking negative! Though it is good and equally important to weigh pros and cons, you must remind yourself every day to focus on the bright side of things rather than magnify the negatives. If you focus your mind on success, you will succeed.

    The Best You Can Be Everyday

    The Best You Can Be Everyday

  4. Give your best in everything you do – To be your best is to do your best. May it be as simple and easy as sweeping the floor or washing the dishes you ought to give it your best and in doing so, you become the best.

  5. Plan ahead – It is always useful to plan your itinerary for the day. This allows you to make sure that you used your time wisely and that you have done what must be done each day.

  6. Set a goal – In relation with planning your day ahead, it is equally important to set out goals for the day. Having goals to focus on prevents you from wasting energy on unimportant things while you still have important things to do.

  7. Get enough rest – Every day is a battle and before we go to battle, we must first make sure that we have enough rest and energy to sustain us for the rest of the day. Avoid unnecessary all-nighters or staying up too late often.

  8. Stay healthy – One can never perform well if he is sick. So eat healthy and exercise to stay fit and healthy.

  9. Learn something new – Enhance your mind by learning something new every day. Learning is a lifetime process, so don’t stop learning.

    If you got very focused and extremely motivated, what amazing goal could you accomplish in  days

    If you got very focused and extremely motivated, what amazing goal could you accomplish in days

  10. Challenge yourself – Do not settle for what you already know and do good. Instead, challenge yourself to know more and do well. Strive for growth and be extraordinary.

Being your best every day is the simplest way of becoming the best from the rest.

Housing: When Is The Right Time To Buy A House?

Buying a house is one of the major decisions a new buyer would want to think over. It involves a great deal of money but a roof over the family’s head is one of the needs we greatly consider just like food and clothing. Those who cannot yet afford to buy one resort to renting which funding may be easier on the pocket, though, on the long run you will end up spending more and all you have accumulated are rental receipts and no house.

A grand looking cheap house does not necessarily mean a good one. It may just be the facade, what your eyes see at first glance, that makes it grand. You have to see the interior. There may be repairs that will add much to your initial investment. Check the neighborhood also. What is the history of the location? What kind of people lives there? Can you live with them? How safe is it especially to little children and girls? How about during natural disasters like earthquakes and heavy storms? How is the supply of electricity and water? How accessible are the schools, grocery stores and hospitals?

There are several things you need to consider when buying a house especially if you are depending on a housing loan. If you have the outright cash, the lesser you have to consider. For instance, your credit score is very important because it will be the basis for the lenders to know how much you will be allowed to borrow. If you have a bad record it is very likely that you will be declined which makes it a bad time to buy a house. Most of the time, you will have to shell out some money for the down payment – from 10%-30%. If you do not have that amount, then it is not the right time to buy even if your credit rating is high.

The right time to buy a home

The right time to buy a home

A house for sale in an undeveloped community is way cheaper than one where everything is already accessible like market or grocery store, school, hospital, etc. If you do not mind the situation and love the solitude with neighbors a few hundred meters away, you might want to consider buying. By the time the community develops, the rate will go much higher. By that time, you might want to sell and earn from your first investment.

If you want more houses to check out, Spring is the busiest time for real estate agents. There are more buyers as well who may be interested with the same house you like too. It also tends the market price to go higher. By July movers will be busiest also that will make interest rates higher that will be charged to the buyers. On the other hand, December is a time when you can haggle with buyers especially if they are into the holiday season. Fewer people are also looking so that means less competition over your dream home.

Bursting in 4...3…2…1…..Just Kidding!

Bursting in 4…3…2…1…..Just Kidding!

The right time really depends on what is important to the buyer, be it financial, physical (house and location), and even psychological or emotional (how it affects the buyer).

Hollywood Power Couples who met on the Set

There are many Hollywood couples who met on the set of the movie they were working on together. Long hours of work and acting out intimate scenes together could be the reason for many co-stars to become a “couple”. In some cases these pairings have even led to the couple getting married.

When we speak of power couples, the first one that comes to mind is “Brangelina”. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt first met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. According to Angelina, she fell for Brad when she started working with him, but kept her distance because he was married to Jennifer Aniston. They became good friends and shared chemistry and it was only after his divorce that the two of them become a “couple”. Angelina was already a single mother and they now have three adopted children and three biological kids. The couple now plans to get married.

Will Smith’s television show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was where he met his future wife Jada Pinkett, when she came for an audition in 1990. They started dating in 1995 and were married in 1997. They have two children. They are both actors and singers and have many other interests. They have also established a charitable foundation. The couple has squashed recent rumors about their separation.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

John Travolta and Kelly Preston met on the sets of “The Experts” in 1987 in which they both acted. They cemented their relationship by marrying in September 1991. The two of them have since acted in a few movies together. They have had three children. The death of their son Jett while they were on a vacation in the Bahamas was a shattering experience for them.

Warren Beatty first met Annette Bening in 1991 to talk about the movie “Bugsy”, over lunch. The twenty one year old difference in their age seemed of no consequence to these co stars in Bugsy, as they got to know each other and fell in love. They married each other in 1992. They have four children together and are still happily married.

Singer, song writer and actress, Kate Perry, first met Russell Brand on the sets of his film “Get him to the Greek”, in 2009, and were engaged later that year when they were on a vacation in India. They were married in 2010 in India. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only fourteen months and they are now divorced.

Kate Perry andRussell Brand

Kate Perry andRussell Brand

These couples have carried on their on-screen romance to their personal life and have tied the knot.

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